Tips to Feeling Better Mentally

Taking care of your mental health doesn’t start and stop with a visit to your psychologist or health practitioner

Just as we invest in taking care of our physical health, we get great results when we take steps to feel better mentally, too.

Try these simple tips to help improve your mental well-being, today:

  1. Eliminate stressors. Try keeping a 24 hour stressor log. Once you start making notes, you will have a better idea of what causes stress in your life, so you can start eliminating them.
  2. Take a break! Living with constant demands can leave you feeling guilty about taking a break. Be sure to make time for a short, 5 minute break each hour to help you unwind and refocus, no matter what you’re doing. Fitting at least a 30 minute break into your work day also gives you a time-out, so you don’t get overwhelmed. And, if you’re the one person in the office who never takes all of their holiday leave, it’s time to start thinking about how you can give yourself a break!
  3. Minimise tech time. On the subject of taking a break, reducing your daily amount of technology-time outside of work can help you relax. Take a set amount of time in the evening to answer any emails and check Facebook etc (if you’re on social media), and then enjoy a bit of freedom from the screens and work or social demands.
  4. Set boundaries. Having boundaries is important for mental well-being and self-care. Speak with your partner or a friend about different ways that you can say No to demands that you are unable to fulfill. Be kind to yourself and let go of the guilt and others’ expectations. It feels great!
  5. Stay mentally active. Keep your memory sharp and your mind active. Try getting in the habit of doing some brief mental stimulation exercises such as Sudoku, a crossword puzzle, or reading a book.